Well!! What can I say about myself? I got my start in the field of tattooing at a fairly young age. I got a brief apprenticeship with a man named Danny Fowler at Ancient Art Tattoo in Roanoke Va. After that I ventured out on my own and worked at shops here and there such as, Alex’s New Tattoo, Mystic Tattoo, and eventually opened my own small shop in Salem, Virginia, called Crazy Eights Tattoo.

After a small run in a small town I decided to close my studio and go back to Ancient Art in the beginning of 1999, where I worked three more years for the company. And then the big revelation day came and I got a wild idea…"Hey honey let’s go to California". I moved to Santa Cruz in 2002 and worked at Staircase Tattoo for the next ten years.

Well, that wild idea hit again. My coworker of ten years, Mr. Tim Buonagurio and I started thinking, let’s open our own studio, so we did!!! And we are pleased to bring you Good Omen Tattoo.

I live for music and art! Without it I would go crazy. I love good Sci-Fi, Heavy Metal music, and most anything that isn’t dumbed down mainstream garbage. When I am not tattooing, I also am a certified Audio Engineer and own a small production company called Pylon Productions. I play in a heavy metal band called Eye of Providence, (I’m the drummer).

I have a real passion for RC Helicopters, have been flying them since I was seventeen years old and have quite the collection. I am a firm believer in HONOR and treating others as you would want to be treated and l also love DILL PICKLES. With that being said if you would like to know any more good dirt on me come on down and visit me yourself, and I will be happy to tell you my life story.

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